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Adobe Acrobat ReaderTM is a free browser extension that lets you read files in PDF format. We use a lot of PDF files to accurately print African language names and terms. Its useful elsewhere on the Web too, especially for viewing manuals and reports. Get Acrobat Reader here.

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Need an MP3 Player?

Audio clips are presented in MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) format. MP3 has become a standard for high-quality internet sound because it compresses well and is well supported (and of course there's Napster). You may already have a player installed on your computer (try this clip [286 KB] and see). If not you can try these free players. Also visit and check out their "New Users" section if you need help getting started.

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Need an MPEG Video Player?

MPEG is one of many standard video formats on the internet. Unfortunately video files are big, but if you've got broadband or don't mind the wait then go for it. You may have an MPEG video player installed already (try this clip [1.4MB]). If not, you can download a free player. On a PC, try Windows Media Player. Mac users seem to like Apple's QuickTime. Since these are normally installed with your operating system, you may be able to get them from your Windows or MacOS CD.

Need Help with your Raytheon Missile Guidance System?

Finally, a simple explanation "for the rest of us." Click here (mp3, 194K).

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