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We are Alokli West African Dance, a community dance-drumming club based in Philadelphia, PA. We teach and perform Anlo-Ewe and other West African music & dance styles from Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. Recently we've become a publisher as well, with a new African songbook w/ CD available and more goodies on the way.

You'll find a lot of articles, photos, audio and video material here -all related to West African music, dance, and song. So take a look around - and if you're in the area, we invite you to visit us and join our growing community of eclectic artisans. Enjoy your stay!

Where to Start

Find out more about us and check out our African dance & drum classes in the Philadelphia area. Read about the African music and dances we do or learn more about West African people & culture. You'll find lots of pictures in our Photo Gallery, including some recent images from Ghana. Got lots of bandwidth or plenty of time? Savor our audio recordings and video clips. When you've had enough of us, we've collected some hard-to-find links to related African music and dance sites.

Songs of West Africa by Dan Gorlin

Our African songbook w/CD has been available in hardcopy since 2001, but I've now taken it out of print and posted both the book text & CD audio online. Learn to sing over 80 traditional African songs from Ghana, Togo, Benin & Nigeria in 6 languages, with in-depth translations and performance notes. Please feel free to use, copy & distribute this free resource for any non-commercial purpose. You can view sample songs and hear audio clips right here.

Site News

Dec 17, 2015: our West African Songbook w/CD is now a free online resource. Enjoy!

Jan 1, 2015: Danny moved to LA! Alokli no longer teaches or performs in Philadelphia, but shall again someday arise like the Phoenix to embrace the people with it's warm, feathery purple wings with just a touch of orange highlight to appear more youthful and "with it".

May 16, 2011: Drumming & singing classes will resume at Temple U on Thursday, May 19. See the Classes page for more info!

Sept 8, 2010: movies & pics of our Philadelphia adventures are now available in the Photos & Videos sections.

August 10, 2010: we've finally got a YouTube Channel! Take a stroll over to see more performance and class videos.

July 16, 2008 : Alokli West African Dance has moved to Philadelphia, PA. Much of this website is about the group as it existed in San Francisco but we're slowly adding material from shows here in Philly. There's lots of information here about the people, culture, and music of West Africa so do poke around for awhile.


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Songs of West Africa Songbook/CD
Now online!

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