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To view more videos from recent Alokli performances in and around Philadelphia, please visit the new Alokli YouTube Channel.

Older Videos

African Dance PhotoThese are video clips from past Alokli performances. All clips are MPEG video, which should be playable from either Windows Media Player or QuickTime. If you need a media player, get one here. Please mail me if you have problems.

Each clip is about 20 - 40 seconds long and about 1.8 - 4.1 mbytes. Videos marked are from recent shows and are a little longer than the rest. The other clips go back as far as 1982. Depending on your browser, you should be able to either click on the link to view immediately, or right-click/option-click to save these clips on your own computer for viewing later.

To limit our bandwidth charges, please be sure to save clips to your computer if you'll be viewing them often. To save a clip in Windows, right-click on the clip name and choose "Save Target As..", then select where you want the video file to be stored. Thanks!

Ahazevu. Slow social dancing.
Vulolo 1
Sovu. Ritual dance from the Yewe sect.
Sovu 1 Sovu 2
Bawa. Harvest dance from the Lobi, northern Ghana.
Bawa 1 Bawa 2
Adzohu (a.k.a. Adzogbo). A ritual war dance from ancient Dahomey (now Benin).
Atsia 1
Atsia 2
Atsia 3
Kadodo 1
Kadodo 2
Atsia 4
Ago 1
Ago 2
Atsia 5
Agbekor (slow section). A spectacular war dance that now has peaceful overtones.
Vulolo 1
Vulolo 3
Vulolo 4
Vulolo 5
Vulolo 2
Agbekor (fast section).

Vutsotsoe 1
Vutsotsoe 2
Vutsotsoe 3
Vutsotsoe 4
Vutsotsoe 5
Vutsotsoe 6
Togo Atsia. A social event created and organized by women.
Togo 1
Togo 3
Togo 2
Togo 4

Togo 5
Toque. Young women's rite of passage dance.
Toque 1 Toque 2
Class Performances. Some of the easier social dances that we teach in class.
Gahu 1 Gahu 2 Atsia 1
Drums only (no dancers).
Kadodo Takada
A Tribute. Our dear friend, Rocky Kwasi Dzidzornu, with us here at the Marin County Fair. C.K. and Kim are in the foreground. We miss you, Rocky.
Kinka 1

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