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Links to Related Sites

If you'd like to be listed here, send us your link information. We're keeping these fairly specific to sites and groups that are closely related to what we do, which means Ghanaian or nearby cultures and/or related San Francisco Bay Area activities. Click Here to visit Alokli's YouTube channel, where you'll find more class and performance videos.

I know, a lot of these links are broken. People move their websites around and I don't keep the links up to date, but most of these websites are still out there and easy to find with a search engine.

Bay Area Classes

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

A cross-cultural performance school in Richmond, CA. C.K. and Betty Ladzekpo teach classes here.
Rhythm & Motion A popular studio in San Francisco, CA with some great dance classes.
Ethnic Arts Institute African Dance classes in the East Bay taught by Lisa Saunders-Edwards.
Drum For Life Wade Peterson's web page (not much there yet, but he's a great djembe dude). Gabe Harris & the Naamu Groove Ensemble live here. Classes in Marin and the Bay Area (djembe music from Guinea) and a sweet performing group for corporate and other events. Bolokada Conde, Performance group & Djembe classes in Fairfax (Marin).

Other Ensembles

African Music & Dance Ensemble

C.K Ladzekpo's performance ensemble.

Zadonu Ensemble

Kobla Ladzekpo and family, down in sunny Los Angeles. This site has been updated with lots of short but sweet video clips.
Baobab Tree Drum *Dance* Community Kathy Armstrong's organization offers classes and more in Ottawa, Canada. Home of the Akpokli Drum & Dance Society and the Baobab Youth Performers. Their CD is really nice.

ABUSUA Ensemble

A performance group at Tennessee Technological University.

SOSU Ensemble

A group at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
Adzohu Ensemble A Ghanaian music and dance group in Melbourne, Australia.
Sankofa Osrani A fairly new Ghanaian drumming group out of Charlbury, England.
FSU African Music & Dance Ensemble The student ensemble at Florida State University. Nice photos and lots of relevant links.
Gahu Drum & Dance Society of Aotearoa A New Zealand ensemble focusing on Ewe, Dagbumba, and Ashanti dance-drumming.
Adjei Abankwah Adjei is formerly of the National Dance Ensemble of Ghana and teaches dance-drumming in Boulder, CO.
Vugbe Ensemble A professional ensemble whose members come from some of the major Ghana national ensembles. There are a few nice audio clips of Adzogbo and Bawa in their Discography section.
Ho-Asogli Ensemble San Diego State University's African ensemble, directed by John Flood.

Related Sites

CK Ladzekpo Homepage

C.K. has all sorts of interesting stuff on his main web site. Photos, movies, sound clips, & articles. Highly recommended, though it takes some patience to find everything.

Ladzekpo Foundation Course in African Dance Drumming

Introductory articles on African dance-drumming, from various perspectives (part of the site above, in case you couldn't find it).
Pyramid of Yeweh This site is growing fast and has more photos and information about Yeweh spirituality and Ewe culture than you'll find anywhere. Highly recommended, though be warned this is a somewhat "religious" site. The audio on their homepage is a clip from one of our performances (we're honored)! You'll need Javascript enabled to view the site.

Kente Cloth

Learn to read Ghanaian Kente cloth patterns! You'll be the life of any party.

Adinkra Symbols

What those mysterious symbols on Ashante Adinkra cloth are all about.

Andruid's Chains

This site it hard to navigate, but there's lots of interesting stuff to make it worthwhile.

Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin's got a cool site with info about Anlo-Ewe music & culture, and his own drum-set adaptations of traditional music.
Alfred Ladzekpo Alfred is a member of the faculty at California Institute of the Arts. On his faculty page he writes insightfully about his own childhood and Ano-Ewe music, culture, history, and religion..
Story of Africa The subtitle proclaims "African History from the Dawn of Time..," and they're not kidding. The BBC World Service built this incredible on-line resource that takes us all the way from early hominids to current events. Move your computer to the bathtub for this one (JUST KIDDING).
C.E.A.N.A. Council of Ewe Associations of North America. Information about Ewe culture communities in Africa and in the US, including current events and an interesting Ewe history page.
B.R.I.D.G.E. A non-profit foundation supporting communities in Ghana and travel opportunities for volunteers. The site has lots of fun content about Ewe culture, including some neat multimedia movies. My favorite are in Cultural Movies/Conversing.
Ewe Canadian Cultural Organization of Ontario Ewes and Ewe culture in Ontario. This site is under construction, but there's already some fun photos & forums up.

Where to Buy Books & Instruments

Motherland Music

It's tough to buy instruments online without trying them, but then again it's hard to find Ewe drums at Wal-Mart. Dan Rice has just about everything, and he's a good guy.

Lark in the Morning

Another place to find just about every instrument on earth.
World Music Press Judith Cook Tucker's publishing company features multicultural music books, recordings, and choral music. Check out the "Let Your Voices Be Heard!" songbook.

Travelling to Ghana

Ghana Consular Info

Stuff to think about before you go.

Republic of Ghana

A nice all-in-one introduction to the country.

Ghana Fire & Water

One of the better my-trip-to-Ghana reports I've seen. Very useful if you're planning a trip.

Networking with Like-Minded Souls

Ethnic Arts Network

A large portal site for ethnics arts networking, particularly in California.
African Studies Centers Links to College and University programs around the world. Online courses for drumset and hand percussion instruments. Worldwide drum-percussion directory & index. A nicely built site with lots of content on both world music/dance traditions (including African) and drum circles. Extensive "links" section is great for finding teachers and groups in both the U.S. and Canada.

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